Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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Henderson County Tourism Development Authority Unveils New Brand



The Henderson County Tourism Development Authority (HCTDA) officially adopted a new brand, with an accompanying logo, ad campaign, and tagline, “Life’s Playground.” HCTDA held a gala in conjunction with creative agency the Brandon Agency to celebrate the unveiling.

The gala celebration was held on August 18th at Highland Lake Inn and Resort’s Grand Ole Hall, and drew tourism businesses and community leaders from across Henderson County. The official HCTDA logo, advertisement campaign, and a refreshed website was shared with the public for the first time.

Said HCTDA Board Member, Shannon Clarke, “Our old brand was Historic Hendersonville, and we found out from our research that most of the folks across the state are considered to be historic: Historic Waynesville, or Historic Boone, or historic wherever. We wanted to differentiate ourselves.”

The new brand was developed by the Brandon Agency out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over the past year. The logo depicts an artistic rendition of a leaf, mountains, and a river in brown, green, and blue with “Hendersonville, North Carolina” prominently displayed. The logo, as well as the tagline, “Life’s Playground” will be included on Henderson County advertisements and publications such as rack cards, and the Hendersonville Vacation Planner magazine.

Reactions to the new brand were largely positive, and tourism industry businesses and organization were encouraged to use the new logo in their own marketing materials.

Said HCTDA Executive Director Beth Carden, “We hope [businesses] will use this new logo to promote the Hendersonville area as a whole.”

HCTDA Logo and Branding information:



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