Monday, October 05, 2015

Pet Patrol


                            WTZQ LOST PET REPORTS



Lost male cat in the edneyville area. He has short orange and white fur and very friendly. His name is Ivan and he is not wearing a collar. Again a lost male cat is lost in the edneyville area.


A great peraniese mix is lost near Kimberly clark. Has tan fur, and wearing a pinch collar with no tags. His name is Olof and he was lost near Berkley and balfor near Kimberly clark.


A Lost female Pitbull Mix with brindle color. Her name is “Girl” and she has a purple collar with no tags. Last seen in the Old Kanuga/Willow rd area 828-808-5058

If you have any pets you would like to report please call 692-1600 and to check our list, go to and click on pet patrol under programming