Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pet Patrol


                            WTZQ LOST PET REPORTS




FOUND CAT: in the dupont state forrest area near old CCC road. She is young and has black and white fur, no collar but very friendly. Again a young female black and white cat was found near old ccc rd and dupont state forrest 674-3292

A female tri colored beagle is lost in the gash rd/alpine rd area of 280 in mills river. She has a pink collar on with tags. Again a female tri color beagle is lost in the gash rd area off 280   828-674-0227

Lost Female Cat Named Maggie is lost in the Tuxedo area near the watershed. She has sandy brown fur with a raccoon tail   blue eyes, no collar no chip last seen in the tuxedo area by watershed 828-691-6281

Found Female cat near the mountain home area   she is a young cat with black and white fur again she was found in the mountain home area 216-2868

If you have any pets you would like to report please call 692-1600 and to check our list, go to and click on pet patrol under programming