Sunday, February 01, 2015

Pet Patrol


                            WTZQ LOST PET REPORTS




Lost male dog- Bear is a brown boxer with a white chest. He is 1 year old and wearing a blue collar with white bones and a yellow clasp. Lost in the edneyville highway 64 area.

Lost female dog-her name is kira, she is a black and tan akita dog with white legs. She is wearing an orange collar and is lost in the mills river foster creek rd area.

A lost female Chihuahua terrier mix brown fur and she is not wearing a collar and is lost in the north main, highway 25 and maple street area

If you have any pets you would like to report please call 692-1600 and to check our list go to and click on pet patrol under programming

(save in air folder as 1045-1 & 1045-2)