Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pet Patrol

Updated 3-14-17

Found Dog spotted in Hawthorn Hills off of 64 West. A large white dog with spots has been seen in the Hawthorn Hills subdivision near Bradford Place.
Lois W. 478-471-8751

Lost cat in Mill Spring. She is a spayed black and white tuxedo cat. She is not wearing a collar but is micro chipped. She was last seen on Grass Knob rode in Mill Spring.

A Found Small White Westie in the Maples/Fletcher area. He has white fur and was wearing a red collar Again, a male white westie was found in the Fletcher area near maples. 916-844-9220

A black cat was lost on Blythe street. She is all black with a neon collar and orange tags. She was last seen on Blythe street between 3rd and 4th.
Michelle Miller 2024276110

A male grey and white cat is lost in the brookdale area. He is neutered, not wearing a collar but is micro chipped. He was last seen in the Brookdale area between Greenville and Spartanburg highways.
Vivian P 919-923-6647

If you have any pets you would like to report please call 6921600 and to check our list go to and click on pet patrol under programming.