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  • Updated Coronavirus Information & Election Info March 12, 2020
    Election returns from the State Board of Elections Updated coronavirus information from state health officials. Updated coronavirus information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Updated coronavirus information from Johns Hopkins

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  • Mass graves discovered in Hue June 27, 2019
    Allied troops who had recaptured the imperial capital of Hue from the North Vietnamese during the Tet Offensive discover the first mass graves in Hue. It was discovered that communist troops who had held the city for 25 days had massacred about 2,800 civilians whom they had identified as ...
  • U.S. troops recapture Philippine island of Corregidor June 27, 2019
    On February 26, an ammunition dump on the Philippine island of Corregidor is blown up by a remnant of the Japanese garrison, causing more American casualties on the eve of U.S. victory there. In May 1942, Corregidor, a small rock island at the mouth of Manila Bay, remained one of the last Allied ...