Local Artist Showcase

Local Artist Showcase is the premier, local music radio show in Henderson County with thousands of people tuning in every Friday afternoon to listen to great local bands and musicians. The spirit of Terry Wetton lives on every Friday Afternoon with David Vaughn at 5pm on WTZQ Radio.

We are always looking for new artists to highlight here on Local Artist Showcase, So if you’re a local artist and want your music played over the radio waves, You can drop off your music here at the studio located at 418 Duncan rd, right here in Hendersonville, or you can send mp3s to wtzq1600@gmail.com, Just put Local Artist Showcase in the subject line and let us know when and where you’re playing!

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Local Artist Showcase Episodes

Local Artist Showcase 12/6/19

Tune in today at 5pm for Local Artist Showcase to hear great music from fantastic local musicians like: Mojomatic, East Flat Rockers, Letters to Abigail, Daniel Sage, Carver & Carmody, Redleg Husky, The Ross Osteen Band, Peggy Ratusz, Circus Mutt, Pretty Little

Local Artist Showcase 11/22/19

Today’s show features music from: Kat Boomcat, Resonant Rogues, Derek McCoy, Billingsley, Scoot Pitman, Nikki Talley, Paper Crowns, Drayton & The Dreamboats, Virginia & The Slims, & Strange Avenues. Subscribe : | iHeart

Local Artist Showcase 11/15/19

Today’s show features: The Stipe Brothers, Scoundrel’s Lounge, DownTown Abby & The Echoes, Letters to Abigail, Ben Phan, Clint Roberts, Laura Thurston, The Gathering Dark, David Childers, Up Dog, & Darby Wilcox & The Peep Show Subscribe : | iHeart

Local Artist Showcase 10/25/19

Today on the show we’re sitting down with Spalding McIntosh & Keturah and The Blown Glass Band to talk about their upcoming gig at The DFR Room next Saturday November 2nd. Also on the show we’re featuring these amazing artists: Further to