Lightning Thursday

Get behind the headlines every Thursday morning at 8:05 am with Bill Moss, Editor and Publisher of The Hendersonville Lightning and HendersonvilleLightning.Com, and Mark Warwick, General Manager ...Read more

Local Focus

  WTZQ’s flagship Q-munity feature where we speak to the non-profit, civic, government, and volunteer leaders about the issues and topics that effect life in Western North Carolina. Tune ...Read more

Local Artist Showcase

Local Artist Showcase is the premier, local music radio show in Henderson County with thousands of people tuning in every Friday afternoon to listen to great local bands and musicians. The spirit ...Read more

The Dive

The Dive. Join host David Vaughn on Fridays from 3 to 5. The show with upbeat music, and classic hits. Designed to get you through those last couple hours of your workday and get you ready to Dive ...Read more