Lightning Thursday

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Lightning Thursday


Guest host Matt Matteson talks about his two part story in the growing Hispanic population in Henderson County, an Ecusta Trail update and municipal election info.


New DA/City tax increase/Berkley Park swap/development news/commissioners race and more


Stroupe murder trial update/election board/asphalt plant rezoning request withdrawn again, Jane Asher retirement, moonshine documentary and more


Gas panic/City tax increase/Apple Festival returns/new TDA Director and more


Housing cost bill/Crab Creek delays zoning case/new GOP chair/Dish on Dining and more


Greg Newman case/road work updates/Crab Creek community against storage units/spring discovered in Laurel Park/asphalt plant update and more


Labor market/new Chick-Fil-A/HHS to open early/Planning board says “no” to asphalt plant and more…


DA facing removal/Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue improving coverage/BRCC ends Mills River gun range/COVID vaccines available for all adults and more


D.A. hearing underway/road projects update/Ecusta Trail railbanking update/Downtown opening for season May 8/no scooters in town/City asking public to fill board seats and more


How to handle $33 million in Covid relief funding/County Manager retiring/new Fletcher Police Chief/Cawthorn wants to end daylight savings/AVL airport update and more


Zoning board and backyard shooting ranges/millions coming for Covid relief funding/asphalt plant/Morris Broadband purchase and more


Commissioners litter crusade/VFW purchase/electric scooters coming to town?/county vaccine update and more


Teachers vaccinated/State may delay elections/DOT’s cash shortfall delaying projects/County’s new guide for development/Ecusta Trail update and more…


Ice storm, vaccine shortage, Ecusta Trail news, catalytic converter thefts, jury trials resuming, Chipotle coming to town and more…


Home sales report/84 Unit complex endorsed/County Manager honored/Health Insurance sign up and more


Pardee STEMI designation/park swap in jeopardy/Health Department Covid Immunization wait list/local briefs and more


Update on local Covid 19 vaccines/Halfway Tree sewer line update/City and school system park swap/new United Way board members and more


Covid vaccination call center woes and update/Local activists at capitol insurrection/retaining wall collapse/Hendersonville’s new top cop and more


Hajoca retaining wall accident/funeral board protects preneed contracts/NC high court revives girls death lawsuit/expanded outdoor dining, Madison Cawthorn making headlines


Matt Mattan fills in for Bill Moss — Project Ranger/Tom Orr tribute/Police Chief finalists/ Matt’s Best and Worst of ‘2020