Meet The Candidates

For voting info click:  Henderson County Board of Elections

“Meet The Candidates” is a public service of WTZQ Radio and Timeless Media, INC.  This is a platform to hear from candidates who have filed for the General Election to be held on November 3rd.  Early voting begins October 15th.

WTZQ’s “Meet The Candidates” interviews are hosted by Ruth Birge, former publisher of the Hendersonville Times News and Director of Vision Henderson County.

Board of Education

Michael Absher

Robert Bridges

 Stacey Caskey

Blair Craven

Kathy Revis

Board of Commissioners – District 2

Daniel Andreotta


NC House of representatives – District 113

Sam Edney

Jake Johnson

NC House of Representatives – District 117

Josh Remillard

NC State Senate – District 48

Brian Caskey

Chuck Edwards


US House of representatives – District 11

Tracey DeBruhl

Moe Davis